ANC Awards 2020

The ANC awards are held annually normally on the same day as the conference.

The 2020 Awards will be a virtual event during the afternoon of 1st December 2020. The awards promote and recognise excellence among UK acoustic consultants and look for examples of work that displays innovation, and originality in acoustic design or approach to a particular project.  Shortlisted entrants will be invited to the virtual event and asked to provide a presentation on their project which will be made available at the event.

More information on the categories and judging criteria is available here

You can obtain an entry form for the 2020 Awards here.

The 2020 awards categories are:

  • Buildings sponsored by Acoustic1
  • Environment: infrastructure sponsored by ANV Measurement Systems
  • Innovation sponsored by Mason UK Ltd
  • Vibration prediction and control sponsored by CMS Danskin

The 2020 awards are sponsored by: