Sound Insulation Testing

Most ANC members offer pre-completion sound insulation tests in accordance with Approved Document E Resistance to the Passage of Sound of the Building Regulations or its equivalent in Scotland. Building Regulations require that new and converted dwellings are required (except in certain circumstances) to be tested for sound insulation. Tests should be undertaken by suitably qualified testers who hold approved third-party accreditation in a form approved by DCLG (Department of Communities & Local Government). Members of the ANC Registration Scheme are suitably qualified to carry out pre-completion tests as are companies accredited by UKAS

List of companies

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Why use an ANC tester

The ANC Registration Scheme for pre-completion testing was established by members of the Association who were concerned at the cost and complexity of registration under UKAS, the only form of accreditation previously available. The Scheme has third party assessment of its procedures and operation provided by BRE Global.

The Scheme secured approval from DCLG, and is referred to in the 2004 amendments to the Approved Document. It covers over 300 testers who are all qualified in acoustics and can, if required, also provide advice on overcoming problems which may be identified during the test.

The Scheme provides a complaints procedure for clients who have had testing carried out by ANC member companies. A short guide to this procedure is available on the publications page of the website.

Accessing results – the ADvANCE system

The ANC Registration Scheme provides a unique task number and password for every test undertaken. This, with an ANC sound insulation test report, allows the Building Control Officer to verify the test has been undertaken by a qualified tester.

Each site is issued a unique number and password. This information is included in all ANC sound insulation test reports and allows access to all results for the site. Go to ADvANCE to check your results.

Online verification was introduced to increase security. Paper certificates were discontinued on 31 December 2009 and all data checks can be undertaken online only.

Further questions

If you have any further questions regarding sound insulation testing, please refer to our Sound Insulation Testing FAQ’s

Joining the ANC Registration Scheme

The Scheme is open to ANC member companies who have already demonstrated that they are experienced acoustic consultants. ANC membership is not suitable for those only interested in providing testing services.  For further details of membership requirements please request a pack from the membership page.  Additional information is available in our Sound Insulation Testing FAQ’s