Which career is all about sound, yet few people have ever heard of it?

The answer is acoustics – and there’s now the chance to hear much more about it following the launch of our new initiative from ANC, designed to attract more students in to the industry.


ANC is the professional body representing consultants in acoustics, noise and vibration in the UK – and many of their members are reporting a shortage of graduates. 

In fact, in a complete trend reversal compared with other sectors, there are often more acoustics jobs available than there are graduates. 

“There are few other careers that can offer the financial rewards, opportunities for travel, and such diverse work opportunities than acoustics. Yet few people have even heard of it. ‘Explore Acoustics’ gives the chance to find out more.”

The ANC’s ‘Explore Acoustics’ initiative demonstrates the wide range of opportunities available to students interested in a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, (STEM).

It includes video interviews and in-depth case studies featuring students, graduates, professionals and academics in the industry.

Academic Perspective
Andrew Parkin
Anne Budd
Dave Clarke
David Garritt
Jack Harvie-Clark
Jo Miller
Liz Garritt
Martin Raisborough
Reid Malster
Vicky Stewart
Dominic Bowers
Elle Kalavsky
Eric Ballestero
James Ambrose
James Evans
Rodrigo Sanchez Pizani
Zac Fox
Academic Perspective
Dr Paul Kendrick
Dr Rob Oldfield
Dr Stephen Dance
Professor Andy Moorhouse

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Our Student & School Leavers’ Guide sets out graduate and post-graduate opportunities in acoustics…



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