What Our Members Do


The assessment of noise from roads, trains or planes is undertaken by ANC member companies and can form the basis of an impact assessment for a planning application or be part of an assessment for compensation or as a result of complaints.
How do ANC members assess noise from transportation sources?
The assessment of noise from transportation sources can be assessed by
• measurement using sound level meters or
• prediction using noise modelling packages.
• prediction by calculation.

What skills do member of the ANC have to assess transportation noise?
ANC members have many years of experience assessing noise from transportation sources. These include the measurement of noise and vibration emitted from transportation sources.

Acoustic consultants are regularly involved with providing advice in the control of transportation noise and may use a number of control measures including
• engineering solutions to reduce the noise at source
• layout. This method of control is particularly useful for transportation sources where the distance from the source and noise sensitive receiver can be reduced and by incorporating good design such as the use of barriers or screening to control noise
• mitigating the impact on areas likely to be affected by noise including through sound insulation when the impact is on a building.

If you require support to assess and control noise from transportation sources member companies within the ANC can help you.