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  • Sound Insulation Testing FAQ
Can my company apply for membership without 50% MIOA? How strict is the 50% MIOA requirement?
You should not apply for membership unless or until 50% of your consulting staff hold corporate membership (MIOA/FIOA) of the IOA (or international equivalent). Any applications received which do not satisfy this requirement will not be assessed or progressed.
What about if we have IOA membership applications outstanding? We are sure we will be granted MIOA/FIOA status very soon.
You should delay your application until your IOA status has been confirmed. Putting your application in to the ANC early could actually delay its progress.
What are the “international equivalents” to the Institute of Acoustics?
This is the primary acoustics association, society or institute for a given country, e.g. the Australian Acoustical Society, Société Française d’Acoustique, Deutschen Gesellschaft für Akustik etc.
How do I become a noise consultant?
The traditional route has been to study for a degree in acoustics. There are now also alternative routes, including several courses run by the Institute of Acoustics for people who have not studied for a degree. Please visit the careers page of the IOA website for more information.
What kind of reports are suitable for a membership application?
The reports you submit as part of your membership application should provide evidence of consultancy, not merely noise measurement or sound insulation testing. Examples of the types of reports which are generally regarded as being unsuitable are given in further detail in the guidance notes which accompany the application pack available from the membership page of this website.
What are your membership requirements?
Full details of the membership requirements are contained in the application pack. Go to the membership page of the website and complete the form. A full package of information will be emailed to you by return.
Can an individual join the ANC?
No. But an individual who is trading in their own right as a business may apply.  Nearly 25% of our members are one man businesses. The ANC is a trade association and membership is only open to businesses providing acoustic consultancy services.
We do air tightness testing and want to offer sound testing as well, how do we apply?
Membership of the Association is open only to those companies who can demonstrate they have the technical expertise to provide advice to clients, not merely testing services and companies which simply wish to undertake sound insulation testing would be unlikely to obtain membership. Go to the membership page of the website and complete the form. A full package of information will be emailed to you by return. Part of this are application guidelines which will enable you to assess whether your company is likely to be suitable for Association membership.
Are there any alternatives to the ANC Scheme?
UKAS accreditation of organisations under ISO/IEC 17065:2012 is the recognised alternative. As a company testing sound insulation, you will need to apply to UKAS for accreditation under ISO/IEC 17065:2012, and ensure that you meet all requirements that apply to your company within the standard. For further details see the UKAS website
How do I become a tester?
In order to test under the ANC Registration Scheme you must first be employed by a member company which is registered under the scheme. Your application to become a tester requires a sample report to be examined by the ANC and, subject to this being acceptable, you will become registered to test. The tester application form is available in the members area of the website or by contacting the ANC office.   If you are not employed by an ANC member company, then you must first seek membership of the Association.  Applicants must be providing acoustic consultancy services and be led by individuals with appropriate professional qualifications, namely MIOA (Member of the Institute of Acoustics). Please note that an organisation which only provides testing services is unlikely to meet our membership requirements.
Are there any courses I can go on to learn how to become a sound tester?
The IOA Certificate in Building Acoustics Measurement is recognised as relevant training but individuals completing the course must be registered as testers with a member company to enable them to offer testing under the ANC Scheme.
Will I take my registration with me if I change jobs?
No. If you move to another registered company you will be able to re-apply to be registered, but this is not done automatically. You need to complete the tester registration form available in the members area of the website or from the ANC office, and submit this with an example report completed at your new company. Assuming all is in order you will become registered to test for your new company. If you move to a company which is not part of the Registration Scheme you will not be able to become re-registered.
How much does it cost to have a test done?
Costs vary depending on the size of your development and between test organisations. You should contact a registered test company directly and they will provide you with all the information you need.
Where do I find a copy of the Part E regulations?
Do your members install sound proofing?
No. Although in some cases members may provide acoustic hardware, a consultant will tend to provide advice and designs such that you can take these to your chosen contractor to implement.