What Our Members Do

Leisure, Entertainment & Performing Arts

What is involved in a noise survey for the leisure and entertainment industry? The answer is a very diverse range of acoustic surveys and projects, many covered by specific guidance or legislation.

Licensed Premises & Live Music Venues
Acoustic consultants are commonly engaged in assessing and reducing the noise breakout from proposed and existing licensed premises affecting nearby dwellings. These assessments are generally prepared to the Good Practice Guide for Control of Noise from Pubs & Clubs published by the Institute of Acoustics (IOA), and any other criteria specific to the Local Planning Authority. If a complaint worthy problem is found at an entertainment venue, ANC member companies will work to specify a mitigation scheme that reduces noise breakout to an acceptable level.

ANC member companies can give advice on the acoustic design of the interior of leisure and entertainment venues to maximise the sound quality for the audience and minimise the visual impact of acoustic treatments.

Mixed use developments where leisure and entertainment venues may be planned in the same building as residential and commercial units present the need for very good acoustic design. ANC member companies can help developers to minimise the likelihood of disturbance between mixed use occupiers while enabling the leisure and entertainment venues to function at full capacity.

Outdoor Music Festivals
Noise disturbance is often a primary concern for both festival organisers and nearby residents. Outdoor music festivals are usually assessed using guidance issued by The Noise Council, the Code of Practice on Environmental Noise Control at Concerts. This quantitative document allows sound engineers to know where the limits are, and set easily identifiable thresholds for what is acceptable at nearby houses.

ANC member companies can offer acoustic design assistance at the planning stage to ensure that the proposal is viable and maximise the potential for the venue.

Usually a program of noise monitoring will be undertaken during the festival at nearby houses and flats to ensure that the guidance of the Code of Practice and any other licensing criteria are being met.

Acoustic consultants will work with the stage managers to ensure that the sound quality at Front of House is maximised while keeping within the limits, often giving information about which instruments are causing exceedances at specific frequencies.

Proposed sporting venues or events may need the assistance of an acoustic consultant. Skate & BMX parks, Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs) and other venues including motorsport and motocross tracks are assessed using the relevant British Standards and guidance from the World Health Organisation.

The impact of these sporting venues are assessed at nearby dwellings and sometimes public outdoor recreational spaces. ANC member companies can provide noise surveys and mitigation scheme advice for any proposed sporting event.

Noise from clay target or clay pigeon shooting is generally assessed using a document issued by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, Clay Target Shooting: Guidance on the Control of Noise.

New stadia, theatres, concert halls
The services of a good acoustic consultant are essential in the design and build of new stadia, theatres and concert halls. The interior noise levels in such venues are generally very high, and noise breakout to nearby noise sensitive premises must be controlled.

The interior acoustics are also of paramount importance so that the audience enjoy the event to its full potential. ANC member companies can assist with the design of stadia, theatres and concert halls so that the noise breakout is minimised and the acoustic enjoyment is preserved!