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These links are provided for information and assistance. ANC takes no responsibility for the content of these sites, nor does it specifically recommend any of them.

The Institute of Acoustics

The Society of Environmental Engineers

The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

The Institute of Sound and Communication Engineers

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

Sound Insulation Testing Register Ireland

The Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants

The American National Council of Acoustical Consultants

European Acoustics Association

AIS Guide to Office Acoustics

Construction Industry Scheme

Members may be asked if they are registered with CIS. This is not necessary. A list of excluded occupations is shown on the HMRC website.

The ANC obtained advice from a tax expert familiar with the construction industry who stated that “the scheme only covers construction operations and in laymans terms this is work involving buildings and/or structures with tools. White collar consultants and planners are excluded. Where a member of the Association would come into the scheme is if his firm engaged in a contract that supplied the planning and installation of noise reduction works in a single contract.”