#ExploreAcoustics Case Study


Andy Moorhouse

Professor of Engineering Acoustics University of Salford

Why should students ‘Explore Acoustics?’

It’s interesting, with lots of career opportunities AND you get paid!

Which STEM subjects are most useful to get into acoustics?

Any STEM subject is good, but maths and physics are ideal. Music technology and associated subjects can also be useful but aren’t a direct replacement.

What are the opportunities for students?

Lots of things that most people wouldn’t even think of!

We’ve had students work at Apple, others studying sonar, many go in to environmental noise or building acoustics and others find careers in the automotive industry.

There are countless opportunities in theatre and cinema sound, as well as in signal broadcasting at the BBC.

Many graduates are snapped up by consultancies and end up working on a wide range of diverse projects.

Why are acoustics so important?

Two main reasons – expectations and legislation. So if you’re building houses or roads or cars or making any products that move, you will need to meet certain legal acoustic requirements.

What’s more, the general public today have high expectations for sound quality – from their mobile devices to the noise on a train.

So acousticians improve people’s quality of life?

Yes indeed – they help to create quieter, more productive and pleasant environments for people to work and live in.

Are there always going to be jobs for acousticians?

The demand can only grow! Summary Acoustics has great career potential.

There are opportunities in a wide range of fields and there’s high demand for graduates. So, if you’re looking for a career and you like sound, why not?

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