AVO Guide

The  AVO Residential Design Guide January 2020 v1.1 is available here

The Acoustics, Ventilation and Overheating Guide is intended to be used by acoustics practitioners as well as all those involved in the planning, development, design and commissioning of new dwellings. It recommends an approach to acoustic assessments for new residential development that take due regard of the interdependence of provisions for acoustics, ventilation, and overheating. Application of the AVO Guide is intended to demonstrate good acoustic design as described in the ProPG: Planning & Noise, May 2017 when considering internal noise level guidelines.

AVO Case Study

The first case study to showcase the use of the Acoustics, Ventilation and Overheating Residential Design Guide (AVO Guide) covers the planning stage of a new residential development in Northern England. The purpose of this short case study is to demonstrate the value of adopting the AVO Guide approach. It is intended for regulators, planners, Environmental Health Officers, developers and design teams.

The case study is available here

Acoustics, Ventilation and Overheating Guide launch & workshop

The presentations can be found here

Corrections to be added to next version

Pages 56 and 58 mention Table 3-6 but this should be Table 3-5.

Version 1.1 corrections to Acoustics, Ventilation and Overheating Guide 1.0

  • Page 26 Figures 3-4 and 3-5 renamed to Table 3-4 and Table 3-5
  • Page 55 Table B-11, Part 4 of 4 incorrect graph replaced.
  • Whole document changed to A4 layout.