Demonstrating Compliance with the Noise Requirements of Approved Document O

Guide to Demonstrating Compliance with the Noise Requirements of Approved Document O

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The guide sets out a method to demonstrate compliance to the Building Control Body of the noise constraints in Approved Document O. It provides clarity for practitioners and regulators so that assessments can be carried out consistently, and the outcome is repeatable and reliable. Whilst the requirements of Approved Document O are succinct, there is some ambiguity regarding important details.  Some of these have been addressed in the guide.

The guide provides interpretation and clarification on content within a published regulation. It provides guidance for practitioners to appropriately implement the requirements of Approved Document O. It is provided to assist the industry in the understanding of what is published in the regulation.

The guide is published in draft form for consultation. The contents may be developed further for future update. The advice contained within the latest published version should always be used when demonstrating compliance with the noise requirements of Approved Document O.


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