#ExploreAcoustics Case Study

Elle Kalavsky

Undergraduate Placement in the Acoustics Labs, University of Salford

Why ‘Explore Acoustics’?

The scientific background to acoustics is incredibly interesting. It is combination of physics and maths that really helps you understand the world through sound.

Why did you study acoustics?

I initially wanted to do something scientific like physics, but then I got into organising music festivals and stumbled across the acoustic degree at Salford University.

The course is a mashup of sound and science and is the best decision I’ve ever made.

What do you enjoy most about acoustics?

No two days and no two topics in acoustics are the same – you’re always doing something different.

How did you prepare to study acoustics?

I studied physics, maths, electronics and geology at A level, which turned out to be a great combination.

The scientific background prepared me well for the subject, although many people come with musical and maths backgrounds too.


One of the best things I’ve learnt about the field of acoustics is that companies are crying out for graduates. There are more jobs available than people.

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