Good Practice Committee

The Good Practice Committee aims to improve the standards and quality of acoustic practice for the benefit of the Association membership and other stakeholders and to encourage wider participation and involvement in the preparation of guidance.

Jack Harvie-Clark – Chair
Anne Budd – Committee Member
Dave Clarke – Committee Member
Mat Hyden – Committee Member
Adrian Passmore – Committee Member
Peter Rogers – Committee Member
Patrick Shortt – Committee Member

There are working groups currently (July 2020) covering the following

  • Gym Acoustic Guidance (Chair: Peter Rogers)
  • Low Frequency Impact Noise (Chair: Dave Clarke)
  • Noise from Sports & Exercise (Chair: Jo Miller)
  • Dog Kennel Noise (Chair: Anne Budd)
  • AVO Examples (Matt Hyden)

Groups whose work is complete are:

  • Acoustics, Ventilation and Overheating (Chair: Anthony Chilton)
  • BS4142 (Chair: Patrick Shortt)
  • Construction Noise (Chair: Dave Owen)