#ExploreAcoustics Case Study

James Ambrose

Final Year Acoustics Student, University of Salford

Why ‘Explore Acoustics’?

If you are interested in physics, music and engineering – it’s a perfect amalgamation between them all.

Why did you study acoustics?

I’ve been interested in music from a young age and have played the guitar since I was 10. That, combined with interests in engineering and physics as well, have brought me here.

What are your future plans?

My ambitions lie in noise, vibration and harshness engineering. NVH engineers work in the automotive industry as well as in aviation, shipping, trucks – anything that vibrates. I would like to work in developing vehicles with perfect acoustics.

What do you most enjoy about acoustics?

I did a module on loud speaker design and subsequently built two pairs of speakers and really enjoyed that. I hadn’t heard of acoustic consultancy before I started this course and it sounds like a great career with ample job opportunities.

Acoustics is a blend of my hobbies and interests. So, if you have a genuine passion for music, engineering and physics, this is the perfect career for you.

Watch James’s full video here:

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