#ExploreAcoustics Case Study

Reid Malster

Graduate Acoustic Consultant, Miller Goodall

Why should students ‘Explore Acoustics’ as a career option?

In many ways it’s a very different career – not one of the traditional professions that you usually hear about. But it’s an interesting job to talk to people about because no-one’s ever heard of it.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m a recent graduate recruit and would like to develop a career in acoustics working on building projects, planning permission applications and anything that involves building acoustics. I find it so interesting.

How are you being supported?

I’m working in a consultancy but think it important I continue to expand my knowledge. My company, Miller Goodall, are funding me to take a Post-Graduate Diploma in Acoustics.

Would you urge people to consider acoustics?

Absolutely! A lot of people may have been exposed to elements of acoustics in their education but don’t realise the opportunities to choose it as a career and the huge demand there is for work.

Studying acoustics has given me my first job in a subject that I’m passionate about. I didn’t even know about this industry when I was in school but I’m very excited it’s my career now. My advice is ‘Explore Acoustics’ as a career.

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