Sounding out ideas for an acoustics STEM challenge

Sounding out ideas for an acoustics STEM challenge

17th July 2019

Acousticians are being urged to get behind a new initiative to show schoolchildren examples of the opportunities involving STEM.


The Association of Noise Consultants is asking those working in or studying acoustics to enter a short video film, exploring a particular area of their expertise, and explaining it to a general audience.


Each video will then be judged as part of a new accolade being introduced in the Noise Abatement Society’s renowned John Connell Awards programme.


The John Connell STEM award – sponsored by the ANC and ANV Measurement Systems – will be awarded to the best video clip, which engages the target audience, is creative in its approach, has good video and audio production qualities and promotes inclusivity and diversity.


Video clip entries should be targeted towards a school age audience and be between one and three minutes in length.


Props can be used – ideally of no or very little cost – providing they can be purchased from the high street or online by the general public. Instrumentation used in the work or study place can also be used in the film.



“The winner will be recognised at the John Connell Awards, taking place at the Palace of Westminster later this year, which is a great opportunity.


“The winning and shortlisted videos will also be included in an online playlist on the ANC website, to deliver an interesting dimension to STEM promotional activities and events in the future.”



“Aimed at inspiring young people about the aural environment, it’s an exciting addition to the award’s programme.”


The deadline for entries is Friday, September 13 and entries should be submitted via Mail Big File, WeTransfer, or an equivalent service to More details can be found at


The initiative builds on the ANC’s ‘#ExploreAcoustics’ campaign, which was launched last year to demonstrate the wide range of opportunities available to students interested in a career in STEM.


#ExploreAcoustics includes video interviews and in-depth case studies featuring students, graduates, professionals and academics in the industry.


The information can be found at