Make a sound career choice with new acoustics apprenticeship

24th August 2022

A-level students looking to plot a rewarding career that takes a different approach from the traditional university degree route are being urged to consider a pioneering apprenticeship, designed to train the acousticians of the future.


The Acoustics Technician Level 4 Apprenticeship has been developed as an employer-led, industry initiative, with support from the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) and the Institute...

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Gym Acoustics Guidance consultation launched

1st September 2021

The Professional Practice Guidance on Gym Acoustics (ProPG 2 in the series) has been produced to provide practitioners and Local Authorities with guidance on a recommended approach for the standardised methodology for assessing buildings and environments for the location of a gymnasiums, fitness and exercise spaces (broadly referred to through the document as a ‘Gym’).


We are running a 6 week...

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STEM Award 2021

18th August 2021

This award recognises video shorts promoting acoustics as a STEM career and getting the acoustics community more involved in delivering STEM activities through resources to use at STEM events. Submissions should cover a particular aspect of acoustics, and explain it to a lay person.


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New acoustics, ventilation and overheating guide set for launch

20th December 2019

After almost two years of research, ANC, the Association of Noise Consultants, is launching its Acoustics Ventilation and Overheating (AVO) Residential Design Guide.


Produced by the ANC’s AVO Group, the guide provides a resource for practitioners and designers to balance the interdependence of noise, ventilation, and overheating in the acoustic assessment of new residential developments.


Intended for the consideration of new residential...

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Acoustics Ventilation and Overheating Guide

20th December 2019

The long-awaited AVO Guide has been published today and you can find it here.


On 30 January, there is a workshop to hear about the content of the AVO Guide, and learn how to apply the guidance in practice. This event includes presentations and workshops aimed at providing an understanding of how to consider the guidance for noise and...

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