Gym Acoustics Guidance consultation launched

ANC, IOA and CIEH have worked together, collaborating cross industry, to produce this guidance, which for the first time standardises an approach on assessing gym acoustics. The guidance is based largely on the experience and current state of knowledge of the Working Group at the time of writing. The Working Group includes a range of private practices, public body practitioners and manufacturers with many years of experience working with gym clients and dealing with planning applications.

Gym Acoustics Guidance consultation launched

1st September 2021

The Professional Practice Guidance on Gym Acoustics (ProPG 2 in the series) has been produced to provide practitioners and Local Authorities with guidance on a recommended approach for the standardised methodology for assessing buildings and environments for the location of a gymnasiums, fitness and exercise spaces (broadly referred to through the document as a ‘Gym’).


We are running a 6 week consultation on the document which can be found here.


All responses should be made via the questionnaire and submitted ahead of the deadline of the 15th October to be considered. Thank you for your contribution to this important area of guidance