Stolen Equipment

Theft of equipment from sites is a regular problem.  When advised by members of such thefts we will add details here so you can find information about stolen items and advise the police. Please also let us know.

March 2021

A RION sound level meter was stolen whilst on-site in Inverness.  Details below.

Make/Model: RION NL52

Serial No: 00620898

Please contact RMP at 0345 062 0000 or if you have any information on this.

February 2020

An SLM (01dB Duo serial no. 10965) external battery (Tracer Polymer Lithium Battery) and microphone (GRAS 40CD serial no. 161799) was stolen from a site in Bar Hill, Cambridgeshire.

A member company has reported having a Svantek monitoring Station and Analyser – serial number 28483 and a Profound Monitoring Station – serial number VIB03511 stolen from a site in Tottenham.