#ExploreAcoustics Case Study

Zac Fox

Acoustical Engineer Student, University of Salford

Why do you think that students should ‘Explore Acoustics’?

Acoustics gives you a great opportunity to scientifically explore the world and the sounds around you but through an artistic means.

Why did you study acoustics?

I play the piano and enjoy music generally but also have a more scientific background. After studying music, maths and physics at A level, acoustics was a great opportunity to utilise my scientific skill combined with my musical ability.

Where do you want your future to go?

I was thrilled to return to my placement company as an acoustic consultant, specialising in noise and vibration, as well as solving acoustic problems in the London area. It’s a great field as I do new things every day. I’m really excited about my future.

What do you enjoy most about acoustics?

I like the fact I get to use my creativity and my scientific mind within the same field.

What would you want to hear if you were a student now?

My advice would be to have an open mind. It’s an interesting and developing field and you can try loads of new things, with great opportunities along the way.

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