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Member Focus – Wight Noise


Wight Noise Ltd is a small, independent, multidisciplinary consultancy based on the Isle of Wight, but offering “Sound Advice in Simple Terms” both nationally and internationally.


Specialist areas include: sound insulation in dwellings, with particular emphasis on designing and specifying treatments for conversions; environmental noise; and entertainment noise, but also range into product design, mechanical services and the acoustics of teaching and community spaces.


Principal consultant Jonty Stewart holds a senior lectureship with Southampton Solent University and also works closely with their consultancy arm, Solent Acoustics, in the design and delivery of IOA-accredited and bespoke acoustics training courses. With his background in sound engineering, he also teaches a range of audio engineering modules, as well as the theory and practical application of acoustics.


Jonty has been a member of the ANC Certification Committee, or Registration Scheme Committee as it was previously known, for the past five years, and has chaired the Committee for the past two. He is also Chief Examiner for the IOA Certificate of Competence in Building Acoustics Measurement (CCBAM) and the newest IOA-approved Certificate of Competence course, the Certificate of Competence in Irish Building Acoustics Measurement (CCIBAM)


Latest News

In September Jonty completed the design and debut delivery of the CCIBAM, which is aimed specifically at those individuals who wish to carry out sound insulation testing under the new Building Regulations in Ireland, and is specified as the minimum entry requirement for application to SITRI (the Sound Insulation Testing Register, Ireland). SITRI is the Tester quality management scheme, recognised by DECLG in Ireland, and owned and operated by the ANC, which he also helped to set up.


Other recent developments in the company include long-serving Acoustic Technician, Will Beckingham, starting on his IOA Diploma course; studying one day a week at Solent University, Will is expecting to graduate in July of next year, after which he is looking forward to getting his teeth into some more advanced acoustics projects.


Flagship Projects

Wight Noise recently completed successful post-design commissioning on the Charterhouse Hotel, a 3-storey listed building which was being converted into a boutique hotel with restaurant on the ground floor; the developer wanted to keep the ground-floor decorative steel stanchions on view, which meant some interesting challenges to be overcome in the upper rooms.


We are currently working on another commercial/residential conversion project next to a nightclub in Salisbury, which was initially refused planning permission due to noise ingress; advice on redesigning the layout to provide better acoustic buffering has facilitated the sound insulation, along with ongoing bespoke design of wall, floor and ceiling constructions to reduce the low frequencies to an acceptable level.


Most recently, we have been appointed to provide advice and testing services to assist with achieving BREEAM credits at the new SKSS Temple in Plumstead, due for completion in July 2017.


Further Information

Please call Jonty Stewart on 07966 456 913, or email

Member Focus – Acoustics Central


Acoustics Central is an acoustics consultancy practice based in Berkshire. Being independent consultants we do work in most sub-disciplines, and specialize in environmental, architectural, mechanical services and industrial acoustics.


Being located near London, we do a lot of work in the capital, however we regularly get involved in projects located all over the UK, as well as other European countries.


We work on projects from the concept and feasibility stages right through to completion and operation. Our projects cover a variety of sectors including residential, educational, healthcare, offices, leisure, transportation and industrial.


The type of projects vary from general applications, such as schools or student accommodation where acoustics is one of the many disciplines considered, to more critical applications, such as those incorporating acoustic testing facilities where acoustic conditions are the principle focus of the project.


Acoustics Central also develops software solutions for use within the acoustics industry, such as our Sound Design acoustics calculation program which is used by Acoustics Consultants in many countries throughout the world.


Latest News

The control of noise from mechanical services and industrial sources is something that is of particular interest to Derek Nash, Director at Acoustics Central. He recently wrote a blog for the Association of Noise Consultants on what he sees as the key differences between the previous and current versions of BS 4142 – the standard used when assessing this type of noise.


Following this, Derek participated in two interesting events run by the South West and Southern branches of the Institute of Acoustics, where Consultants and those working in Environmental Health were in attendance to give their views.


A useful outcome of all this is that Derek has developed a check-list on behalf of the ANC for use by those reviewing BS 4142 assessments. Derek hopes the production of resources like this will promote a more collaborative attitude from those on all sides of what is clearly an important issue in the UK.


Flagship Projects

Acoustics Central recently completed a very interesting project in Gdansk, Poland where Intel Europe were constructing a building to house acoustic testing facilitates. The facility included a fully anechoic chamber, and part of the challenge involved meeting the very low background noise levels required by the space. This meant ensuring noise breaking-in from the airport 500m south of the site, the dual carriageway running past the site, and future noise from the then under construction railway line was suitably controlled, along with the noise mechanical services systems. Working with the architect and mechanical services engineers we were able to successfully meet the requirements of the project.


Another interesting project we recently completed was for Rolls Royce in Derby, where a specialist facility that uses large amounts of externally located plant is required to run 24 hrs a day. In this case, the challenge was controlling the noise from the plant to residences nearby. Working with the client and mechanical services engineers, various options and configurations were explored, and a solution ultimately found that allowed us to meet the stringent targets.


Acoustics Central get involved in many different project types, and are currently monitoring the noise and vibration levels as part of the demolition of the South Quays Plaza Building 2 in Canary Wharf. In this situation, responsiveness is absolutely paramount given the proximity and nature of the companies within the vicinity of the site.


Further information

Please call us on 01344 266 720, or email us at

Planning and Noise Policy – A Collaborative Approach to Planning and Noise or just adding to the Confusion?

Before you submit your planning application, think noise.
What is the local noise environment at your proposed development like?
If noise is likely to be an issue, you should have a pre-application discussion with Planning Services together with a conversation with your acoustic consultant.
So if noise is an issue, who do you go to and how do you know they are proficient; and what are the main drivers behind the implemented planning noise policies?
Well, if you need a noise survey you can find a list of acoustic consultancies here: where you can even search by region, which will hopefully reduce your costs. The successful acoustic consultancy would undertake a noise survey and assessment and provide a report. This report would usually include mitigation measures that typically centre around your proposed facade strategy and plant noise impact associated with the site.
What guidance are these consultancies using? With recent changes in appropriate guidance, it is important that the planning application for your development has the relevant and up to date noise policies behind it.
Firstly, The Noise Policy Statement for England (NPSE)i , published in March 2010, sets out the long-term vision of Government noise policy.
March 2012 saw the introduction of The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)ii . The previous policy and technical advice on planning and noise matters, which was contained in Planning Policy Guidance 24: Planning and Noise (PPG 24)iii became superseded.
The NPPF (through the NPSE) saw new concepts such as ‘LOAEL’ and ‘SOAEL’ to categorise the adverse impact of noise associated with a proposed scheme, and to assist the assessment, management and control of noise via the planning system. We view the NPPF as an overarching scheme and perhaps an easier document for planners and developers but not for acousticians. Why? Well, whilst new policy objectives have been introduced, many acousticians felt that there was a lack of supporting technical advice and guidance. . Noise consultants were left to think, “Where are the numbers? What are the target noise levels to be met?” Government has since advised that it was not intended to provide such technical guidance.
The lack of quantitative guidance meant that Local Planning Authorities were more reliant on their Unitary Development Plan (UDP), with noise aspects handled by their technical staff or with guidance from acoustic consultants. The numeric noise policy vacuum ultimately meant that there was an increased risk that your development may be mistakenly refused, constrained or wrongly approved.
In response to the (ahem!… many) recent changes a steering group consisting of representatives of the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC), Institute of Acoustics (IOA) and Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) was formed. The idea of the collaborative approach being that ‘we are one’: one policy; one guidance, one love… ok, not the last one.
Professional Practice Guidance on Planning and Noise (ProPG: Planning & Noise)iv is now being prepared in response to requests from practitioners for additional technical guidance on the management of noise within the planning system. It is anticipated that it will be published for consultation in late 2015. Currently the initial focus of the ProPG should be on new noise-sensitive development, in particular housing.

iThe Noise Policy Statement for England (NPSE).

ii The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

iii Planning Policy Guidance 24: Planning and Noise (PPG 24).

iv Professional Practice Guidance on Planning and Noise (ProPG: Planning & Noise).

Awards Winners revealed

Architectural Acoustics: Commercial Buildings, sponsored by Ecophon

• WINNER -Tyneside Cinema cafe bar (Apex Acoustics)

• HIGHLY COMMENDED – The Hub, Sky, London (Arup)

• COMMENDED – Cathedral Court, Birmingham (Cundall)


Architectural Acoustics: Education Buildings, sponsored by Rockfon

• WINNER – Wallscourt Farm Academy, Bristol (Mach Acoustics)

• HIGHLY COMMENDED – Notre Dame Catholic College, Liverpool (SRL)

• COMMENDED – Sandwell College, Central Sixth campus (Arup)


 Environmental Noise, sponsored by Cirrus Environmental

• WINNER – Numerical Environmental Noise Modelling (Hoare Lea)

• HIGHLY COMMENDED- BAE Birtley, Gateshead (WSP|Parsons Brinckerhoff)

• COMMENDED – Albert Wharf, Hammersmith (MLM)


 Sound Insulation, sponsored by CMS Danskin and Regupol

• WINNER – St James Centre, St Helier (Hoare Lea)

• HIGHLY COMMENDED – Everyman Cinemas, Birmingham (RBA Acoustics)

• COMMENDED – North West Cambridge Development (AECOM)


Vibration, sponsored by Mason

• WINNER – Advisory Role to Gym Group (Hoare Lea)

• HIGHLY COMMENDED- Hertsmere House, Canary Wharf ((WSP|Parsons Brinckerhoff)

• COMMENDED – Crossrail, Eastern Tunnels (SRL)


 Best Presentation

• Hoare Lea Acoustics (St James Centre)


Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all those on the shortlist or who submitted entries this year. Look out for details of next year’s event shortly.


 Awards Brochure
The brochure giving details of all the shortlisted projects is ANC_AwardsBrochure2015web