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Stolen Equipment

March 2018  a Rion NL32 SLM stolen from a site in Portsmouth – meter serial 01103395.

Any information contact 24 Acoustics 01794 515999

February 2018  noise monitoring survey equipment was setup in a small private car park in Rainhill Way, London E3 3HP.

The survey equipment included a sound level meter (SLM), housed in a small Peli case with a 1.2 m pole attached and a windshield on top. The equipment was secured with cable locks and padlocks to a lamppost, and placed behind a small hedge. When returning to site to collect the equipment it had been vandalised, with some equipment stolen. The Peli case had been forced open and smashed/broken, and the SLM (serial number 943364) removed.

Any information regarding this please contact RPS  01273 546800

February 2017, stolen from a site in Maidstone, Kent:

  • NTi type XL2 serial no. 9714
  • Microphone type MA220 serial no. 5334
  • Pre-amplifier type M2230 serial no. 8470

Any information regarding this please contact Clarke Saunders Associates  01962 872130

At the end of June 2016, Rion NL-52 Kit B was reported stolen.  The noise monitoring kit was installed within the first floor bedroom over looking Granville Street, Sheffield  on a housing development site, in a near complete house.  South Yorkshire Police Incident #772 on

Help keep equipment theft down by reporting any sightings of the following products below.

Please contact Neil with any information on 01962 829931.

Description Serial No. Category Item Type Bar Code
NH-25 preamplifier 20999 Environmental Noise Kits Microphones 015463375824
RION NC-74 Calibrator 35015347 Environmental Noise Kits Calibrator 011576978495
RION NL-52 (Kit B) 00620958 Sound Level Meters SLM 012113966272
UC-59 microphone 03876 Sound Level Meters Microphones 006407214071

In the first week of October 2015, a sound level meter was stolen during an unattended survey at Welwyn Garden City.

• Rion NL-52 Sound level analyser, serial number 01143569. The mic. and preamplifier were left behind.

On Wednesday 27th May 2015 a microphone and preamplifier, outdoor windshield and cable were torn from a Rion NA28 sound level meter which fortunately was locked and inaccessible on a site in London.

The serial numbers of the stolen equipment are:
• Microphone 01845
• Preamplifier 01442
• Windshield Rion WS-03 (no serial number)

If you are offered this equipment, please be aware that it is stolen and report to the police. The police crime reference number is 6522761/15 and the email address for the unit is .