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Mentoring project aims to put acoustics on the STEM radar

Anne Budd has joined the MentorSET programme to lend support to female engineers – and is keen to give a voice to the opportunities provided in the acoustics profession.


MentorSET has been developed by the Women’s Engineering Society to help women working in the STEM areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


It provides independent mentors who understand the challenges faced and can provide support and advice.


Throughout her 22-year career, Anne – a BEng Electroacoustics graduate from the University of Salford – has played a key role in promoting acoustics and engineering.


She was elected to the board of the ANC last year – the first woman in its 45-year history and joined the Women’s Engineering Society 15 years ago.


Anne said: “Acoustics offers challenging, exciting and rewarding career opportunities which utilise skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


“It is a hugely rewarding career but one which is not always considered in engineering.



“Good acoustics can do much to improve and enhance our environments and our work takes us into many different areas, including the built environment, transportation and entertainment.


“There is a great network of fellow professionals and opportunities to work across the UK, as well as internationally.


“I hope that, through the MentorSET programme as well as my ANC role, to be able to highlight the relationship between STEM and acoustics.”


Anne, a director and majority shareholder of New Acoustics consultancy, based in Clydebank, has experience of working in acoustics in corporate, academic and international organisations.


More details about MentorSET can be found at