What does a consultant do?


What does a consultant do?

Consultants can provide advice on how to solve or overcome a problem with noise. This may involve measuring and testing to confirm the source of the noise and then recommending actions. Consultants do not install sound proofing or help with noisy neighbour issues.

Can an individual join the ANC?

No. But an individual who is trading in their own right as a business may apply.  Nearly 25% of our members are one man businesses. The ANC is a trade association and membership is only open to businesses providing acoustic consultancy services.

What are your membership requirements?

Full details of the membership requirements are contained in the application pack. Go to the membership page of the website and complete the form. A full package of information will be emailed to you by return.

What kind of reports are suitable for a membership application?

The reports you submit as part of your membership application should provide evidence of consultancy, not merely noise measurement or sound insulation testing. Examples of the types of reports which are generally regarded as being unsuitable are given in further detail in the guidance notes which accompany the application pack available from the membership page of this website.

Do your members install sound proofing?

No. Although in some cases members may provide acoustic hardware, a consultant will tend to provide advice and designs such that you can take these to your chosen contractor to implement.