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Member Focus – Acoustics Central


Acoustics Central is an acoustics consultancy practice based in Berkshire. Being independent consultants we do work in most sub-disciplines, and specialize in environmental, architectural, mechanical services and industrial acoustics.


Being located near London, we do a lot of work in the capital, however we regularly get involved in projects located all over the UK, as well as other European countries.


We work on projects from the concept and feasibility stages right through to completion and operation. Our projects cover a variety of sectors including residential, educational, healthcare, offices, leisure, transportation and industrial.


The type of projects vary from general applications, such as schools or student accommodation where acoustics is one of the many disciplines considered, to more critical applications, such as those incorporating acoustic testing facilities where acoustic conditions are the principle focus of the project.


Acoustics Central also develops software solutions for use within the acoustics industry, such as our Sound Design acoustics calculation program which is used by Acoustics Consultants in many countries throughout the world.


Latest News

The control of noise from mechanical services and industrial sources is something that is of particular interest to Derek Nash, Director at Acoustics Central. He recently wrote a blog for the Association of Noise Consultants on what he sees as the key differences between the previous and current versions of BS 4142 – the standard used when assessing this type of noise.


Following this, Derek participated in two interesting events run by the South West and Southern branches of the Institute of Acoustics, where Consultants and those working in Environmental Health were in attendance to give their views.


A useful outcome of all this is that Derek has developed a check-list on behalf of the ANC for use by those reviewing BS 4142 assessments. Derek hopes the production of resources like this will promote a more collaborative attitude from those on all sides of what is clearly an important issue in the UK.


Flagship Projects

Acoustics Central recently completed a very interesting project in Gdansk, Poland where Intel Europe were constructing a building to house acoustic testing facilitates. The facility included a fully anechoic chamber, and part of the challenge involved meeting the very low background noise levels required by the space. This meant ensuring noise breaking-in from the airport 500m south of the site, the dual carriageway running past the site, and future noise from the then under construction railway line was suitably controlled, along with the noise mechanical services systems. Working with the architect and mechanical services engineers we were able to successfully meet the requirements of the project.


Another interesting project we recently completed was for Rolls Royce in Derby, where a specialist facility that uses large amounts of externally located plant is required to run 24 hrs a day. In this case, the challenge was controlling the noise from the plant to residences nearby. Working with the client and mechanical services engineers, various options and configurations were explored, and a solution ultimately found that allowed us to meet the stringent targets.


Acoustics Central get involved in many different project types, and are currently monitoring the noise and vibration levels as part of the demolition of the South Quays Plaza Building 2 in Canary Wharf. In this situation, responsiveness is absolutely paramount given the proximity and nature of the companies within the vicinity of the site.


Further information

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