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Conference Presentations June 2018

Noise and Sleep

Noise, nuance & nuisance (Kevin Morgan)

Noise induced sleep disturbance (Ben Fenech)


Uncertainty – what difference does it?

Effect of weather on propagation & measurement (David Waddington)

Uncertainty in Field Sound Power measurements (Jon Tofts)

Acoustic Reports the EA receives (Tony Clayton)


Acoustics, Ventilation & Overheating update

TM59 Overhearing Risk (Susie Diamond)

AVOG feedback (Anthony Chilton)

Holistic Design Solutions (Ze Nunes)



ANC launches acoustics guides for housebuilders and developers

Developed to give an overview of the most common acoustic requirements and considerations that affect new residential developments, the guide is available for free download at


The guide sets out the value of good acoustics to housebuilders and developers, including helping people feel happier with their homes, making the property more desirable – and potentially more valuable.


It includes details about planning requirements and Building Regulations Approved Document E, as well as acoustics in BREEAM and sustainability – and the impact of noise, ventilation and overheating in light of the changing climate patterns and the drive towards more energy efficient homes.


Reference is also made to ProPG guidance, which has been produced by the Institute of Acoustics, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and the ANC to provide an industry recommended approach for new residential developments.


David Garritt, a member of the ANC who helped to produce the guide, said: “Good acoustics can do much to improve and enhance society overall, creating a comfortable environment which aids enjoyment and supports wellbeing.


“Excessive, unwanted noise on the other hand can have a profoundly negative effect.


“It can ultimately impact on people and communities and has been cited as contributing to a range of issues including stress, depression and increased the risk of heart disease.


“According to the World Health Organisation, exposure to noise presents the second largest health risk to the population of Western Europe, second only to poor air quality.


“Therefore, noise is a serious issue, but housebuilders and developers can play a key role in its management and we hope this new guide goes some way to helping achieve that.”


ANC members’ expertise includes concept design and planning, residential internal noise levels, sound insulation within residential developments and reverberation control.


Mr Garritt added: “Good acoustic design and advice can help to find the most cost-effective solution that meets the acoustic requirements for a site.


“If improvements are needed to the acoustic design of a development, they are generally easier to incorporate early in project rather than later, so it is important that housebuilders and developers are aware of the key issues.”