How do I become a noise consultant?

The traditional route has been to study for a degree in acoustics. There are now also alternative routes, including several courses run by the Institute of Acoustics for people who have not studied for a degree. Please visit the careers page of the IOA website for more information.

What do noise consultants do?

Noise consultants provide advice on all aspects of noise and vibration. These include the design of sound insulation into, out of and between buildings, ensuring noisy plant doesn’t annoy the neighbours, working with architects to make theatres and concert halls sound good, undertaking assessments of the noise impact of industrial installations and new roads, railways etc. That’s just scratching the surface.

How much does it cost to have a test done?

Costs vary depending on the size of your development and between test organisations. You should contact a registered test company directly and they will provide you with all the information you need.

Will I take my registration with me if I change jobs?

No. If you move to another registered company you will be able to re-apply to be registered, but this is not done automatically. You need to complete the tester registration form available in the members area of the website or from the ANC office, and submit this with an example report completed at your new company. Assuming all is in order you will become registered to test for your new company. If you move to a company which is not part of the Registration Scheme you will not be able to become re-registered.