New Music School, Kings College School, Wimbledon

Winner – Education Acoustics Award 2019

Adrian James Acoustics Ltd

New Music School, Kings College School, Wimbledon

11th June 2019

The project locates a music teaching and performance facility on a very sensitive site, close to houses whose influential owners were concerned about the building’s size and potential noise nuisance. Given the planning sensitivity to building height, the consultants had to demonstrate the need for the ideal volume, height and shape of the performance space, using architectural precedents.


Starting with the ideal shape and volume allowed the acousticians to provide optimal concert hall acoustics with no absorption other than seating and audience, maximising the “Loudness” or Gain and hence achieving the maximum possible dynamic range. This approach requires very effective diffusing and scattering finishes on walls and roof to avoid strong room modes and flutter echoes. Working closely with the architect and structural engineers, an innovative modular system of visually striking, flat surface, diffusing finishes was designed which perform an acoustic, architectural and structural function both in the concert hall and in the large rehearsal / recording room.


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