TupTup Palace, Newcastle

Winner – Environmental Noise Award 2017

Apex Acoustic

TupTup Palace, Newcastle

12th July 2017

This project illustrates a ground-breaking approach to solving the problem of noise from nightclub smoking areas. The modelling techniques, solutions to controlling noise break out through doors, and control of noise from patrons in the smoking area have the potential for wide application in addressing this perpetual problem.  The consultants took room acoustics modelling methods and applied them to environmental noise propagation, appreciating that understanding the limitations of using the software in this manner is key to its successful application.


A novel approach to reducing noise generated by patrons in the alley was adopted by having a walk-through attenuator in front of the doors, sound absorption on the walls and rafts above the alley.  The concept is an extension of a “sound lobby”, but built entirely externally within the alley due to space constraints inside the building.  The smoking shelter guidelines were re-evaluated to enable design of compliant spaces capable of providing acoustic screening.


The client said: ”We had tried everything we could think of to reduce the noise but could not stop the complaints from the residents. Apex Acoustics came with a scientific approach to understanding the problem, and totally out-of-the-box solutions that we would never have thought of.


The judges recognised that this addresses a current issue with an innovative approach to a significant problem. It was a clever approach to take indoor noise modelling and use it outdoors and then design sound barrier and absorption panels to cope with the noise.