Wallscourt Farm Academy

Winner: Architectural Acoustics: Education Buildings Award 2015

Mach Acoustics

Wallscourt Farm Academy

1st July 2015

Wallscourt Farm Academy is seen to be a fine example of how to create an inspirational educational environment through an understanding of the requirements and characteristics of an open plan space. These principles have been developed from attending and observing the behaviour and workings of various different open plan schools, as well as through data analysis from on-site measurements and CATT Acoustics models.


Years of research and project experience have enabled the consultants to develop a list of design criteria for the acoustics of open plan spaces. Working closely with the project architect, they were able to successfully apply these principles to produce a highly functional and usable space. The removal of walls meant that the consultants focused on STI as a key design parameter, and on communication as their tool to ensure that the open plan spaces are correctly designed. Their logic being that if the acoustic design is not bought into, it will not be implemented, resulting in a space that is not fit for purpose.


The judges had no hesitation in giving the award to this project as it was both innovative and different and most importantly identified solutions that could be used elsewhere. The judges were impressed that the consultant was keeping in touch with the school and so continuing to learn how the building functions over the next few years.